Primula chungensis

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Primula chungensis
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Primula chungensis was introduced to cultivation just over 100 years ago from the mountains of south-west Sichuan (a province in China). In its native land it is found growing in marshy places and along damp streamsides. It is better grown in the garden in a place that is not too wet. It is excellent when grown with other woodland plants such as Rhododendron and Camellias. Semi-shade is ideal and a soil that remains moist at all times with lots of organic matter such as leaf mould or garden compost being incorporated into the planting site. The white mealy flower stems grow to 40cm (16 inches) during May into June and produce up to 5 whorls of yellow flowers with an orange tube (base of flower). The orange flower tube is scarlet in bud but orange red in full flower giving a pleasant two-tone effect. Plants supplied are of mature flowering size and supplied bare-root for immediate planting to potting.

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