Primula sikkimensis

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Primula sikkimensis
Primula sikkimensis
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Primula sikkimensis is a very long lived hardy garden perennial which comes from a wide geographical area from Nepal, Sikkim to Yunnan where it can grow in abundance. It is one of the earliest Asiatic primulas to be introduced to the UK. The natural habitat includes wet alpine meadows, streamsides and wet glades within the forest zone. It grows in very wet and cold places. It quite likes good light providing the soil remains moist at all times. Dappled conditions are also suitable. Primula sikkimensis lives for many years when given a fertile, moist soil rich in organic matter. The sulphur yellow flowers have a very sweet scent so typical of members of the sikkimensis group of primulas. The flower stems rise to 75 cm (2.5 feet) and so plants in flower create quite an impact. The plants supplied are mature flowering sized and posted bare-root for immediate planting.

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