Primula flaccida

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Primula flaccida
Primula flaccida
Primula flaccida
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This outstanding garden primula species comes from north-west Yunnan where it grows in open pine forest and rocky damp pastures. In the garden a dappled woodland site is ideal and in soils that remain moist but are not excessively wet. It assorts well with other classic garden plants such as Rhododendron and enjoys the same conditions; rich peaty acid soils. It is a wonderful garden plant which has been cultivated for about 100 years since it was introduced in 1914 by the famous Scottish plant collector George Forrest. This strong growing perennial unusual primula has attractive spikes of pendant scented lavender blue mealy-faced flowers in May / June; timing is dependent on season and locality. The flowering stem holds the flower head about 30 cm (1 foot) above the foliage. Plants are supplied as bare-root mature flowering sized plants; they will flower next growing season.

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