Prims for tubs

Prims for tubs

Almost all Primulas can be grown and displayed in pots, planters, tubs and troughs or sink gardens. The key to success is to position the various containers in cool shaded positions when the plants are on display and remove to a shaded spot where the plants can rest and put on new growth for the following year. Generous watering a little feeding will ensure the plants will perform well for about 3 years. Then it is a simple matter of removing them, dividing and potting into fresh compost. Best carried out in early March.

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Primula cockburniana (yellow Form)

Product no.: 12

£3.50 *

Primula vialii Orchid primrose

Product no.: 13

£3.50 *

Primula munroi subsp. yargongensis

Product no.: 154

£3.50 *

Native primula collection

Product no.: 582

£9.00 *

Primula secundiflora

Product no.: 19

£3.50 *


Product no.: 6

£3.50 *

Primula X kewensis

Product no.: 0345

£3.50 *

Primula capitata

Product no.: 141

£3.50 *

Primula chionantha subsp. sinopurpurea

Product no.: 18

£3.50 *

Primula flaccida

Product no.: 153

£3.50 *

Primula cockburniana

Product no.: 150

£3.00 *

Primula macrophylla

Product no.: 173

£3.50 *
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