8 X Plant - Summer Scented Primula Collection

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8 X Plant - Summer Scented Primula Collection
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8 X Plant - Summer Scented Primula Collection.

This is a collection of exotic scented primulas, from various parts of Asia. They belong to the Sikkimensis group and hail from the Himalayas, Tibet and Sikkim. They are extremely hardy and make wonderful garden plants, well suited to our conditions.

The flowering timescale across this range of primulas offered is from May to late July.

The flowering height ranges from 60 to 100cm (2’to 3’) depending on type.

They make an awesome impact in the garden when planted in mass groupings, and the photographs show what you can expect.

The plants selected for the collection will include Primula sikkimensis, florindae (and varieties), and alpicola (and varieties); 8 Plants in total supplied in their 7cm pots ready for planting out in your garden.

No special soil preparation is required. Just choose a spot in your garden where the soil never dries out and the plants can enjoy some dappled shade. Pop them in and ensure they get enough water during establishment. If you can add some garden compost during planting this will help if your soil is prone to drying out.

The plants supplied are of flowering size and within the next few weeks (it is now 1st May 2020) and you can enjoy their beauty and fragrance.


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