6 X Auricula varieties collection - your choice

6 X Auricula varieties collection - your choice

This page presents a list of auriculas and X pubesence (border types) available today. IT IS AKIN TO THE SORT OF PLANT LIST FORMERLY SEEN IN PAPER CATALOGUES. It is current.

Only one of each variety is available. Here is what to do:

1. Take a note of the name or code of your selection.

2. Please choose 1 plant of each variety. (6 plants in total) as we have limited quantities.

3. Go to the bottom of the list and click the purchase button.

4. During the payment process enter the codes/names of the 6 plants you have chosen, in the Order and Delivery comments text box.

5. Multiple collections can be ordered at the same time, but only one of each variety.

The click and pay button is at the end of the list. List valid from 6 August 2022, this will be updated periodically.

Code    Name    Type    Colour

49/00 Auricula 'Albert Bailey' Double Gold brown
177/00 Auricula 'Alice Haysom' Show Self - red Dark red crimson
240/10 Auricula 'Angostura' Double Rich purple
88/11 Auricula 'Ansells' Show - other (aoc) Brown
152/00 Auricula 'Astolat' Show - fancy Mauve pink and green
91/11 Auricula 'Avril' Alpine - light centred Dark pink
266/97 Auricula 'Blue Velvet' Border Blue / purple
245/10 Auricula 'Blusher' Show - striped Red / yellow
174/00 Auricula 'Bob Lancashire' Show - green edged Green
93/11 Auricula 'Bonafide' Double deep yellow
82/16 Auricula 'Brazen Hussy' Double Light brown
159/03 Auricula 'Brazil' Show Self - yellow Clear yellow
112/98 Auricula 'C.W. Needham' Alpine - light centred Dark blue, purple shaded
61/02 Auricula 'Cherry' Show Self - red Cerise red blush cast
43/00 Auricula 'Chorister' Show - other (aoc) Mustard yellow
6/11 Auricula 'Cinnamon' Double Russety orange
124/03 Auricula 'Clunie II' Show - fancy Red / green edged
63/96 Auricula 'Comet' Alpine - light centred Red pink shades
165/04 Auricula 'Connaught Court' Alpine - light centred Dark shading to light pink
96/07 Auricula 'Crimson Glow' Double Crimson gold
167/04 Auricula 'Deerleap' Show Self - yellow Yellow
14/17 Auricula 'Delilah' Double Dark purple red
113/04 Auricula 'Divint Dunch' Alpine - light centred Plum purple
39/99 Auricula 'Doublet' Double Purple
141/07 Auricula 'Dusky Girl' Alpine - gold centred Plum brown 
22/16 Auricula 'Eden Blue Star' Border vibrant blue
26/16 Auricula 'Eden Rhian' Border Creamy white
78/98 Auricula 'Erica'  Alpine - gold centred Red to rose
90/03 Auricula 'Fiddlers Green' Double Green
31/05 Auricula 'Fradley' Alpine - gold centred Dark red
208/10 Auricula 'Fred Booley' Double Lavender blue
274/11 Auricula 'Geldersome Green' Show - green edged green
207/04 Auricula 'Gleam' Show Self - yellow Yellow
45/02 Auricula 'Golden Splendour' Double Burnished gold
100/11 Auricula 'Habanera' Alpine - light centred Pink
101/11 Auricula 'Handsome Lass' Show - striped Lav/pink 
187/02 Auricula 'Harry Hotspur' Alpine - light centred Pink shades
145/06 Auricula 'Hinton Fields' Show - fancy Yellow with green edge
115/04 Auricula 'Ian Greville' Alpine - light centred Lovely pink
99/03 Auricula 'Karen' Show - green edged Green black / white
15/11 Auricula 'Karen Cordrey' Show - fancy Green fls w black / white
188/07 Auricula 'Karen McDonald' Alpine - light centred Lt/lavender 
80/98 Auricula 'Kim' Alpine - gold centred Deep crimson
174/02 Auricula 'Lady Daresbury' Alpine - light centred Red, rich wine to pale cerise
113/03 Auricula 'Laverock' Show - fancy Green red
172/02 Auricula 'Lee Sharpe' Alpine - gold centred Dried blood maroon
66/07 Auricula 'Lepton Jubilee' Show Self - blue Lavender blue
192/07 Auricula 'Lighthearted' Alpine - light centred Blue 
191/07 Auricula 'Lila' Alpine - light centred Plum purple
281/13 Auricula 'Lincoln Bullion' Double gold
28/05 Auricula 'Lisa' Alpine - light centred Wine red to pink
94/03 Auricula 'Little Rosette' Double Brown
194/07 Auricula 'Martha Livesley' Alpine - light centred Pink 
79/98 Auricula 'Maureen Millward' Alpine - gold centred Maroon light crimson
168/06 Auricula 'Merlin' Show - fancy Deep red with white stripes
35/00 Auricula 'Mojave' Show Self - red Light red
21/05 Auricula 'Moon Fairy' Show - fancy Lavender purple/lime yellow
168/07 Auricula 'Nicola Jane' Alpine - light centred Blue 
104/03 Auricula 'Old Clove Red' Border Dark red, meal in centre
113/00 Auricula 'Old Irish Scented' Border Dusky yellow frilled edges
148/00 Auricula 'Old Red Dusty Miller' Border Oxblood red heavily mealed
65/96 Auricula 'Old Yel Dusty Miller' Border Bright golden yellow
151/06 Auricula 'Orwell Tiger' Show - striped Red/white
270/11 Auricula 'Osborne Green' Border purple, green edge, cream centre
107/07 Auricula 'Oyster' Border Creamy white
113/18 Auricula 'Pavarotti Alpine - light centred Dark pink 
74/07 Auricula 'Pen Pink Stripe' Show - striped Red and yellow stripe, green edge
258/13 Auricula 'Peninsula fancy' Show - fancy Dark maroon edged
203/02 Auricula 'Phyllis Douglas' Alpine - light centred Purple blue shades
270/97 Auricula 'Piers Telford' Alpine - gold centred Orange brown
184/00 Auricula 'Pioneer Stripe' Show - striped Pink, white, red
212/02 Auricula 'Pippin' Alpine - light centred Maroon red shading
58/02 Auricula 'Pippin' Alpine - light centred Maroon red shading
255/08 Auricula 'Pot of Gold' Show Self - yellow Deepest yellow
127/03 Auricula 'Prince Charming' Show Self - yellow Yellow
29/11 Auricula 'Prometheus' Double bright red
114/00 Auricula 'Purple Velvet' Border Purple white centre
102/03 Auricula 'Rajah' Show - fancy Red scarlet green edge
138/00 Auricula 'Rameses' Alpine - light centred Purple
8/17 Auricula 'Remus' Show - self - blue Blue
53/00 Auricula 'Rene' Alpine - gold centred Red
108/07 Auricula 'Robbo' Border Bright red
111/00 Auricula 'Rose Conjou' Double Lilac purple
29/05 Auricula 'Rowena' Alpine - light centred Purple violet to lilac
158/04 Auricula 'Sandra' Alpine - light centred Plum purple shading to mauve
62/07 Auricula 'Silverway' Show - grey / white edged grey white edge
30/11 Auricula 'Slim Whitman' Alpine - gold centred Orange brown
55/02 Auricula 'Snooty' Double Deep red
110/00 Auricula 'Susannah' Double Pale pink lavender
172/00 Auricula 'Sword' Double Green / red
213/07 Auricula 'Symphony' Alpine - light centred Lavender 
176/06 Auricula 'Tim' Double Deep purple
195/02 Auricula 'un-named' Alpine - light centred Flowers are lovely blue
88/01 Auricula 'Walton Heath' Double Dark purple
149/03 Auricula 'Windways Mystery' Border Yellow, brown
254/11 Auricula 'Wonder' Double Dull yellow
226/15 Auricula 'Yellow border' Border Yellow
77/96 Primula X pubescens 'Apple Blossom' X pubescens hybrid Lilac pink, 10cm
63/98 Primula X pubescens 'Beverley White' X pubescens hybrid White, dwarf early
4/17 Primula X pubescens 'Crimson Velvet' X pubescens hybrid Deep pink flowers, dwarf
111/97 Primula X pubescens 'Faldonside' X pubescens hybrid Dusky red pink fls, 10cm
92/96 Primula X pubescens 'Freedom' X pubescens hybrid Purple fls, evergreen dwarf
141/14 Primula X pubescens 'Harlow Carr' X pubescens hybrid White hint of cream, dwarf
13/17 Primula X pubescens 'Henry Hall' X pubescens hybrid Indigo
76/96 Primula X pubescens 'Yellow Form' X pubescens hybrid Yellow fls, dwarf

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6 X auricula varieties, your choice

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