Other auriculas

We have decided to list here all the other auriculas for which we do not currently have a good photograph. We get lots of enquiries for auriculas which do not appear on our web site but we do have in stock. We are simply listing the name with no other information. When we do have a worthy photograph each plant will be listed within the appropriate category. All come supplied bare-root and are mature flowering sized plants ready for potting. You also receive our fact sheet giving guidance regarding their care upon arrival.

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Auricula Regency Denja

Product no.: 1002

£5.50 *

Auricula Marmion

Product no.: 602

£5.50 *

Auricula Chloe

Product no.: 603

£5.50 *

Auricula Pioneer Stripe

Product no.: 612

£5.50 *
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