Bog garden

Bog garden

Bog Gardens

The creation of a bog garden, large or small, is a classic and useful way of growing many primulas.  The conditions remain wet at all times and this means that a more open and sunny site can be used to provide perfect conditions for many primulas that prefer not be be in deep shade. The illustration here shows several Primula alpicola varieties which do really well in wet sunny conditions. Here is a link to the RHS web site which gives great advice on how to make a bog garden.

How to make a bog garden

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Primula alpicola var Luna

Product no.: 0195

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Primula florindae

Product no.: 4

£3.50 *

Primula wilsonii var anisodora

Product no.: 1

£4.50 *

Primula secundiflora

Product no.: 19

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Primula grandis

Product no.: 0562

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Four scented primulas

Product no.: 0532

£11.99 *

Primula florindae Kingdon Ward

Product no.: 20

£4.00 *

Primula sikkimensis

Product no.: 172

£3.50 *

Primula alpicola var violacea

Product no.: 23

£3.50 *

Primula alpicola var alba

Product no.: 22

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