Drumstick primula collection spring display

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Drumstick primula collection spring display
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Collection of Drumstick primroses - a range of colours as illustrated

Here we offer 9 X plants of this easy to grow garden primula. It flowers vary early, in fact can be in flower in late winter, but provides a wonderful spring display. It assorts well with primroses and polyanthus. Completely hardy, will withstand temperatures down to minus 15 celsius, afterall it does hail from the Himalayas.

It is just as good in pots and planters as it is in the garden. Beds and borders are enhanced by this primula. It is a deciduous species and flowers at about 1 foot tall (30cm)

Primula denticulata is the most accommodating plant becasue it grows just about anywhere. When the soil is continually moist it will grow in full sun. Usually it is best to give it a position in dappled light. The strain on offer is called Nepalese Mixture, reminiscent of its Himalayan origins. It is a common plant on the damp grassy meadows of the Himalayan landscape.

Plants are supplied ex. pots with a rootball ready for planting in the garden or if you wish into containers. You will not be disappointed with the plants supplied as they are coming into flower in the next few weeks (it is now 5th January 2021)

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