Asiatic primulas

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Asiatic primulas
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Primula denticulata Alba is an extremely hardy and easy early spring flowering garden plant. Stems rise to a height of 30 cm (1 foot) and produce neat spherical heads of pure white flowers.

Primula sikkimensis - The sulphur yellow flowers have a very sweet scent so typical of members of the sikkimensis group of primulas. The flower stems rise to 75 cm (2.5 feet) and so plants in flower create quite an impact.

Primula japonica Splendens and its many forms are essential plants for the spring bog garden or wet woodland. Flowering time is May and height at its peak is 60cm (2 feet). A very typical candelabra Primula it has stunning whorled tiers of beautiful salmon crimson flowers standing majestically above striking mid-green luxuriant foliage.

Primula burmanica is a wonderful candelabra with whorls of purple flowers with a greenish orange eye which rise to 70 cm (2½ feet) during May and into June in the damp woodland or bog garden.

Plants supplied are of flowering size and will flower next season. Supplied bare-root (without compost).

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