Primula scotica

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Primula scotica
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A gem of a primula hails from the north of Scotland. It is endemic (it does not naturally grow anywhere else), to the north coast of Scotland and the larger islands of Orkney. It grows on sandy turf often on ridges of cliffs and in grassy places within about a mile of the coast where sheep graze all around. The soil is well drained but never dries out; a hint for growing them at home. Primula scotica is a miniature plant and when in full flower it will be no more than 10cm tall. The small compact rosettes are covered in dense white farina which gives the plant a most decorative appearance. The flowers are a violet purple colour and have quite a nice scent. It should be grown in well-drained compost but it should never be allowed to dry out. Container gardening suits it well; plant pots, pans, sink gardens, troughs, indeed any type of container. It also does well in a well-drained soil in a cool position.

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