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Here we offer a collection of 4 woodlanders. One of each plant illustrated. These are of mature flowering size which will flower next growing season. Supplied bare-root. See 'detailed view' for descriptions of each species.

Primula sieboldii 'Dancing Ladies' - It is of creeping deciduous habit which ensures it develops into large clumps. These large clumps produce huge numbers of flowering stems which rise to 30cm (1 foot) above the foliage. There are many different varieties with flower colour ranging from purple, magenta, red and pink through to white. We offer 5 or 6 named varieties here. In its native habitat Primula sieboldii grows in a wide range of conditions but always in damp or wet places. It grows in light wooded areas so we should not grow it in too dense woodland. In the authors experience good light levels are best so the fringe of woodland sites is best. Primula sieboldii is hardy, easy and develops well in the correct growing conditions.

Primula matthioli - produces its dainty pink flowers on stems which rise 30cm (1 foot) above very attractive mid green foliage. It is a hardy woodland plant that enjoys dappled conditions but where the soil remains moist at all times. It is also an ideal subject for a pot or container which should be positioned in a cool position; east facing is ideal. Flowering time is May.

Primula capitata - This easy going primula has a long flowering season; from May to September. The deep purple flowers are arranged in disc-like horizontal heads and carried on white heavily mealy stems about 30 cm (1 foot) tall. Primula capitata grows well in many situations but a soil which has steady moisture content is best. Well drained soils that never dry out are ideal. Dappled light conditions such as the fringe of woodland or anywhere that does not receive very hot sun is best; east facing aspect is good. This primula is an excellent subject for container gardening; pots, planters, tubs, troughs and sink gardens being employed to good effect. P capitata comes from east Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan where it thrives in a wide range of alpine habitats at quite high altitudes.

Primula japonica 'Postford White' is a classic garden plant of easy culture. A very typical candelabra Primula it has stunning whorled tiers of beautiful flowers standing majestically above striking mid-green luxuriant foliage. It is very tolerant of the wettest heavy soils; in fact it will thrive under such conditions. Flowering time is May and height at its peak is 60cm (2 feet). Primula japonica forms a large clump which is easily divided and will self seed all around given damp dappled conditions. It will grow in full light in the bog garden but given some dappled shade will grow in most situations where the soil remains moist at all times..

These are of mature flowering size which will flower next growing season. Supplied bare-root or reduced compost to keep postage weight to mimimum.

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