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Evergreen collection
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This is Peninsula Primulas’ evergreen perennial Primula collection; the flowering period is from May to June. The offer is for 1 plant each of Primula wilsonii var anisodora, Primula secundiflora and Primula prolifera. (3 plants in total). Plants are supplied bare-root (i.e. without compost), for planting out or potting up. They all make great plants for large pots, planters and sink gardens.

Details of each Primula:

Primula wilsonii var anisodora (top right) This is an elegant, pretty candelabra Primula for a position in the garden that never dries out. Flowering at 40cm (16 inches) it will give a magnificent display in late May to the end of June. The dark evergreen foliage is very attractive. The photograph shows just one of the 5 to 7 whorls of flowers. Primula wilsonii var anisodora is extremely hardy as it originates in south west Sichuan (a province in China). The flowers attract pollinating insects such a bees. Another added bonus is it will spread by self-sown seedlings in moist ground situations.

Primula secundiflora (bottom right) This species is robustly hardy standing many degrees of frost. It grows very well in a moist fertile soil which is never allowed to dry out. It is best suited to a moisture retentive soil but one which allows the excess water to drain away; it therefore likes a good supply of oxygen in the soil. It is an easy plant to grow being long-lived and adaptable especially if planted in a partial sunny spot. The flowering season is May and its flowering height is 50 cm (20 inches). It often self seeds with enthusiasm giving you some very pleasant surprises for free! From north-west Yunnan and south-west Sichuan.

Primula prolifera (left) is a hardy evergreen perennial candelabra.  The whorls of flowers develop on tall stems of about 90cm (3 feet) during May into June.  It is an easy plant to grow. This eastern Sino-Himalayan species is a hardy evergreen perennial candelabra introduce in 1912.  It is an attractive popular clump forming garden plant and the large leaves give it a roughly rugose appearance.

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