Tall primulas

Tall primulas

On this page you will find the very tallest of primulas. The height should be considered when the plants are in full flower. More information is provided for each plant which can be accessed by clicking or tapping on the plant of interest. Such primulas can be used to huge effect in the garden when planted in large groups, but much will depend on the size of your garden. They are also excellent as feature plants in large containers, to be displayed when in flower. They are real eye catchers.

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Primula florindae

Product no.: 4

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Primula florindae Kingdon Ward

Product no.: 20

£4.50 *

Primula prolifera

Product no.: 121

£3.50 *

Primula pulverulenta

Product no.: 130

£3.50 *

Primula sikkimensis

Product no.: 172

£3.50 *

Primula Harlow Carr Hybrids

Product no.: 0342[1]

£3.50 *

9 X plants Primula Harlow Carr Hybrids

Product no.: 0342[2]

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