6 X plant Alpine Primula collection - your choice

6 X plant Alpine Primula collection - your choice

This page presents a list of alpine primulas available today. IT IS AKIN TO THE SORT OF PLANT LIST FORMERLY SEEN IN PAPER CATALOGUES. It is current.

Only one of each variety is available. Here is what to do:

1. Take a note of the name or code of your selection.

2. Please choose only 1 plant of each variety. (6 plants in total), all are only available in limited quantity.

3. Go to the bottom of the list and click the purchase button.

4. During the payment process enter the codes/names of the 6 plants you have chosen, in the Order and Delivery comments text box.

5. Multiple collections can be ordered at the same time. 

The click and pay button is at the end of the list. List valid from 6 August 2022, this will be updated periodically.


249/13 Primula 'Aire Mist' White dwarf early
272/09 Primula 'Alice Collins' Bright blue purple fls
126/00 Primula allionii 'Adrian Jones' Pale lavender Pink flowers
259/08 Primula allionii 'Alba' X 'alba (pale pink thrum) Pink flowers
210/10 Primula allionii 'Andrew' Pink fls
259/09 Primula allionii 'Anne' Pale pink
93/18 Primula allionii 'Bloodflake' Deep pink fls
221/08 Primula allionii 'Cissie' DPP 310-98 Pale pink fls, masses of them!
94/18 Primula allionii 'Crowsley' H391 Mid pink fls
78/07 Primula allionii 'Crusader' Purple fls
82/07 Primula allionii DPP 454.01 Pink
57/96 Primula allionii 'Edinburgh' Lrg. Lilac-pink fls, 5cm
231/08 Primula allionii 'Elizabeth Burrow' Salmon pink yellow eye
144/12 Primula allionii 'Ellen' DPP 316-98 Pink
62/92 Primula allionii 'Forma' Large pink fls, 5cm
34/16 Primula allionii 'Hocker Edge' Mauve purple
250/08 Primula allionii 'Isobel' HME 290-86 Rosy pink fls
63/92 Primula allionii 'Joe Elliott' Large lilac flowers, 4cm
126/07 Primula allionii 'Kate Evans' DPP 276-96 Glowing purple rd fls
137/12 Primula allionii 'Laura Louise' Purplish pink
72/98 Primula allionii 'Lee Myers' Lilac pink fls
83/07 Primula allionii 'Lismore' Deep violet-purple 
287/10 Primula allionii 'Louise' Lilac pink
253/08 Primula allionii 'Maurice Dryden' Mauve pink
280/09 Primula allionii 'Neptunes Wave' Pale lilac pink, wavy petals
263/09 Primula allionii 'Phoebes Moon' Pink white eye
150/12 Primula allionii 'Quip' HME 334-86 Pink
32/16 Primula allionii 'Rubra' Deep pink fls
291/10 Primula allionii 'Vera' HME 481-89 Flat purple fls
245/08 Primula 'April Bride' DPP White
133/14 Primula 'Blindsee' Creamy white fls
267/10 Primula 'Blizzard' DPP 750-06 White fls late season
208/13 Primula 'Clarence Elliott' Large lilac blue fls to 7cm
124/11 Primula cuneifolia var heterodonta Pink flowers height 30cm
88/18 Primula 'Ethel Wilkes' White, pink edge frilly
267/08 Primula 'Firecracker' Reddish, yellow
277/10 Primula 'Goldilocks' DPP 763-07 Yellow
114/14 Primula 'Iona Mellow Yellow' Yellow fls
148/14 Primula 'Jackie Richards' Lilac to powder blue
119/07 Primula 'Janet Aldritch' DPP 219-94 Large foxglove pink fls
139/12 Primula 'Lara' DPP 667-05 White , strong stems late season
38/96 Primula latifolia 'Cream Form' Pale cream yellow, 20cm
122/02 Primula 'Lea Gardens' White tipped lilac pink
138/03 Primula 'Lee Myers' Large lilac flowers, 4cm
54/20 Primula 'Lindum Crepes Suzette' Frilly lilac, white centre
253/09 Primula 'Lindum Destiny' Reddish pink
240/08 Primula 'Lindum Devine' Pink
122/14 Primula Lindum 'Frosty Morn' White
281/09 Primula 'Lindum Harbinger' Yellow
122/18 Primula Lindum Unique' Purple/pink yel centre
248/08 Primula 'Lindum Wedgewood' Frilly blue pink tinged
267/09 Primula 'Lismore 79-26' Large deep rose pink fls
99/18 Primula Lismore 'Snowcap' Large white fls
233/13 Primula 'Maiden' DPP 447-02 White, early season
50/97 Primula marginata 'Barbara Clough' Pinkish lilac fls,20cm, good foliage
104/18 Primula marginata 'Beverly Reid' Lilac-blue
57/98 Primula marginata 'Clears Variety' Lilac fls,20cm, good foliage
50/96 Primula marginata 'Collected Form' Lilac blue fls,20cm, good foliage
90/18 Primula marginata 'Dr Jenkins' Lilac blue fls,20cm, good foliage
103/18 Primula marginata 'Drake's Strain' Dark lilac fls
108/18 Primula marginata 'Fred Salter' Lilac fls
1/17 Primula marginata 'Gordon' Purple fls, white centre
59/98 Primula marginata 'Grandiflora' Pinkish lilac fls,20cm, good foliage
60/97 Primula marginata 'Kesselrings' Deep lavender fls,20cm, good foliage
56/96 Primula marginata 'Marven' Violet fls,20cm, good foliage
128/03 Primula marginata 'Millard's Var' Bluish lilac
256/09 Primula marginata 'Napoleon' Soft powder blue
81/91 Primula marginata Pritchards var Lilac purple fls,20cm, good foliage
123/03 Primula marginata 'Rheiniana' Nearly blue flowers
120/07 Primula 'Maria Talbot' Large burgundy frilled fls
226/08 Primula 'Mylene' DPP 485-02 Deep purple
164/06 Primula 'Nightingale' Pinky purple
21/19 Primula obconica Werringtonensis Strong pink
232/10 Primula 'Oberau' Great white
97/18 Primula 'Pink Aire' Pink hint of white
205/04 Primula 'Pink Fairy' Pink large fls
133/12 Primula 'Richard' HME 843-99 Pink
191/13 Primula 'Snow Cushion' White flowers
95/07 Primula 'Snow White' White fls cream yellow centre
96/01 Primula 'Tony' White fls, 8cm
85/18 Primula 'Vera Norcupt' Pure yellow fls
121/14 Primula 'Waxenstien' Pink lrg white centre
95/18 Primula 'Wharfedale Gem' Pale pink fls, masses of them!
242/08 Primula 'Wharfedale Lavender' Large soft lavender fls
87/18 Primula 'Wharfedale Ling' White hint of pink
145/12 Primula 'White Waves' White
83/97 Primula X 'Mrs Peggy Wilson' Showy deep pink fls, 10cm

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6 X varieties alpine primula, your choice

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