Primula waltonii

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Primula waltonii
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Primula waltonii comes from Tibet where it endures extremes of cold weather making this one of the hardiest of all garden plants. Its natural habitat is beside streams and in damp meadows and pastures. It has been known to generations of gardeners since it was introduced into the UK in 1915. It is a popular garden plant. The flower stems are 50 cm in height (20 inches) and support a large number of scented (said to be of fruit-drops) lampshade-shaped flowers. Flower colour is a pale russet orange with a cream mealy face. The attractive luxuriant foliage consists of raggedly toothed, smooth leaves without farina which provides for excellent ground cover; thereby keeping weeds down. Plants supplied are mature flowering sized which will flower next growing season. Supplied bare-root.

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