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In this page you can see a number of our plants that are not available at the moment.  They are either too small or have just been propagated recently. We do not send plants until they are of mature flowering size and high quality.  In time they will appear for sale under their appropriate category.

See our nursery update page.

In the meantime you can ask for an email to let you know when these plants become available.  Please be patient, we cannot rush nature!

Simply click the plant of interest to you and send a message by clicking the red text "Notify on availability":

Please note that we can only accept notification requests through this web site by following the above instruction.

No guarantee is suggested that any of these plants will become available.

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Auricula Sutton Valence

Product no.: 0460

£5.50 *

Primula allionii Daphne Christine

Product no.: 0452

£4.00 *

Primula allionii Edmund Evans

Product no.: 0446

£4.00 *

Primula Lindum Eros

Product no.: 0445

£4.00 *

Auricula Cornish Cream

Product no.: 0505

£5.00 *

Auricula Paragon

Product no.: 0528

£5.50 *

Primula allionii Elizabeth Burrow

Product no.: 0535

£4.00 *

Primula allionii Edinburgh

Product no.: 0556

£4.00 *
In stock

Primula Shizuku Hara

Product no.: 0557

£4.00 *
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37 - 45 of 45 results