Show - selfs

Show - selfs

Show varieties are very beautiful and have a wide range of colours and patterns of flower. They all have farina (meal) covering their flowers and leaves - a most attractive feature. They are grown in a cold greenhouse or other covered structure during spring to prevent the farina from being washed off or bleamished; otherwise the paste-like centre will 'run' so badly as to spoil the bloom entirely, whilst some protection should be given against the damp conditions of winter. However show auriculas are completely hardy and do not need any artificial heat. They are often taken out of the cold greenhouse during the summer and placed in a cool position as they dislike excessive heat.

Single coloured show auriculas are called 'selfs'

Blue selfs - Yellow eye with ring of white paste and purple blue flower petals. Cold greenhouse culture.

Dark selfs - Yellow eye with white paste and intense dark petals - almost black in some varieties. Cold greenhouse culture.

Red selfs - Yellow eye with white paste ring and red petals. Cold greenhouse culture.

Yellow selfs - Yellow eye with ring of white paste and pure yellow petals. Cold greenhouse culture.



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