Primula florindae (3 plants)

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Primula florindae (3 plants)
Primula florindae (3 plants)
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Primula florindae or the Giant Himalayan Cowslip is a magnificent plant. It is of huge stature flowering at a height of 100cm (3½ feet) and extremely long lived; up to 20 years being noted by many. The best conditions are a rich moist fertile soil where it has a chance to develop its gigantic proportions; huge numbers of strongly scented flowers can be enjoyed during June and July, this being the latest Primula to flower in the garden. It can also naturalise in a damp situation but in this regard is best suited to a big garden. In a garden a group of 3 plants will make a very bold statement. When conditions are not so damp Primula florindae still grows but all of its parts are reduced in size; but still producing masses of scented flowers.

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