Primula palinuri

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Primula palinuri
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Primula palinuri is very rare in its native south-west Italy where it grows on sea cliff ledges and sandy tufa. This primula species is so rare in the wild that it is listed in the IUCN endangered species list (the Red Data list). It is however hardy in Ireland and the UK outside in well drained sites. Growing P palinuri in a cold greenhouse is a great way to enjoy the attractive bright yellow funnel shaped flowers which appear as early as February. The flowering stem grows to a height of 25 cm (9 inches) and the calyxes are densely laden with white farina. The compost should be similar to an auricula mix, well drained, not too rich in nutrient, a multi-purpose with 30% added grit and a little slow release fertiliser is ideal. We will supply plants bare-root and they will be of mature flowering size so will flower next season.

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