Primula forrestii

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Primula forrestii
Primula forrestii
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Primula forrestii is a native of north-west Yunnan and was introduced around 100 years ago. It grows in fairly hostile terrain; dry limestone habitats, cliffs and grassy plateaux’s and even rock ledges. It is therefore accustomed to prolonged periods of very dry conditions. In cultivation this knowledge can be used to cultivate this species successfully in cold greenhouse conditions as a potted plant. The compost should be well drained and a multi-purpose brand with 30% added grit will generally provide the appropriate conditions. It is long lived providing it can be kept under watered during autumn and winter. It will be happy with moderate watering in spring and early summer. Primula forrestii produces beautiful sweetly scented golden-yellow flowers with an orange eye in umbels on short stems just 15 cm (6 inches) tall. Plants posted are bare-root and one year old flowering sized.

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