Primula elatior oxlip

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Primula elatior oxlip
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The true oxlip is an uncommon native of Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and East Anglia. It also grows in other areas where it has escaped from gardens. It is a very beautiful early flowering species which deserves to be better known to the UK gardener. Being tolerant of wet clay soil and shade makes it a very useful garden plant for this type of situation. Magnificent displays can be enjoyed at close quarters if grown in a pot, the nodding flowers emerging from low down and extending as the flower stem grows to 30cm; it is breathtaking. Due to its early flowering habit (late March / April) Primula elatior provides early flying bumblebees and hive bees a much needed food source. Plants are supplied bare-root and are of mature flowering size; they will flower next season.

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