Four plant hot tub collection

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Four plant hot tub collection
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Here we offer four medium to tall candelabra primulas with hot colours suitable for growing in a tub, half barrel or other large container.

Primula chungensis (top left)
The white mealy flower stems grow to 40cm (16 inches) during May into June and produce up to 5 whorls of deep yellow flowers with an orange tube (base of flower).  The orange flower tube is scarlet in bud but orange red in full flower giving a pleasant two-tone effect.  

Primula wilsonii var anisodora (top right)
This is an elegant, pretty candelabra Primula for a cool and shaded position.  Flowering at 40cm (16 inches) it will give a magnificent display in late May to the end of June.  The dark evergreen foliage is very attractive.  The photograph shows just one of the 5 to 7 whorls of flowers.  Primula wilsonii var anisodora is extremely hardy as it originates in south west Sichuan (a province in China).  The flowers attract pollinating insects such a bees.

Primula japonica ‘Valley Red’ (bottom left)

Primula japonica ‘Valley Red’ is a classic garden plant of easy culture.  A very typical candelabra Primula it has striking whorled tiers of rich coloured flowers standing majestically above striking mid-green luxuriant foliage.  Flowering time is May and height at its peak is 60cm (2 feet).    Being the earliest of the “ponicas” to flower (late April) it brings a welcome cheer to the hot tub.

Primula prolifera (bottom right)
Primula prolifera is a hardy evergreen perennial candelabra.  The whorls of flowers develop on tall stems of about 90cm (3 feet) during May into June.  This eastern Sino-Himalayan species is a hardy evergreen perennial candelabra introduce in 1912.  It is an attractive popular clump forming garden plant and the large leaves give it a roughly rugose appearance.  

Please note that varieties may be supplied different to those highlighted, for example Primula japonica Millers Crimson instead of P japonica Valley Red.

All plants supplied are of mature flowering size. All plants are supplied without compost (compost removed or reduced) thus saving on postage costs. Plants are garden ready for planting or potting.

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