Bell flowered primulas

Bell flowered primulas

Bell flowered or campanulate primulas consist of some of the most quirky plants in the primula world. Most hail from the Continent of Asia. Many are highly scented and should be bettter known for general garden use. They are easy to grow but must be given a soil that does not dry out. As late spring and early summer plants they provide wonderful colour and scent in the summer garden. 
Plants are supplied all year round and arrive with a rootball of soil or compost, ready for planting or potting.

One of our favourite bell primulas is P. secundiflora. As an added bonus it is an evergreen species. More details can be found within the item on this page:


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Primula secundiflora

Product no.: 19

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Primula florindae

Product no.: 4

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Four scented primulas

Product no.: 0532

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Primula alpicola var violacea

Product no.: 23

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Primula flaccida

Product no.: 153

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Primula florindae Kingdon Ward

Product no.: 20

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Primula waltonii

Product no.: 171

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Primula X florwaltii

Product no.: 0339

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Primula alpicola var Luna

Product no.: 0195

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