Primula Peninsula Mauve

Primula Peninsula Mauve

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Candelabra primulas are amongst some of the most beautiful garden plants. There are many species and even more hybrids. This hybrid candelabra is one of Peninsula Primulas’ own selected seedlings. It came about as a chance seedling in our nursery, it was selected and propagated. Now we can offer it, but we never have many plants available. We have selected this plant for its vigorous features; once established it will grow and extent the group quite easily. The flowering period is May into June. It is attractive to pollinating insects. All the candelabra hybrids are tolerant of wet soils but will also be happy in a moisture retentive soil that never dries out. Some dappled shade allows the flowers to last longer. Plants supplied are mature flowering sized bare-root and ready for planting.

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Prices per plant or collection / bundle, plus delivery

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