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9 X plant Woodland collection

Product no.: 571

Here we offer 9 X plants of Primula. Hardy ornamental garden plants suitable for damp woodland or a shaded part of your garden. The ideal woodland conditions include, a cool moist root run, lack of competition from surface rooting trees and a deep rotted leaf or organic layer into which the primulas can extend their root systems. Dappled light is ideal but many will thrive where they can receive shafts of light coming through the tree canopy. Soil conditions must never become dry. Plants chosen are those that are available at the time. This means that those supplied may vary from the illustration. Plants are supplied with reduced compost and depending on time of year may be bare-root or root-balled, without pots. Included in the collection are candelabras, bell flowered Primulas and scented types. Each plant will come labelled with its name and the range of colours will ensure each one is different. A stunning collection! The colours will be similar to those illustrated in the item image. The selection here range in height from 40 cm (18") to 60 cm (2ft). All of them prefer a cool position and dappled light.Plants supplied are of mature flowering size.


£19.99 *
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20 X plants Primula Harlow Carr Hybrids

Product no.: 579

20 X plants of Primula 'Harlow Carr Hybrids'

Candelabra Primulas are amongst some of the most beautiful classic garden plants. There are many species and even more hybrids and varieties.  All are clump forming and spread by self sown seedlings. The flowers are carried in numerous whorls up strong stems and have a very exotic appearance, but they are all extremely hardy standing many degrees of frost. They have a long flowering season across the range of types extending from late April to the end of July.  Flowering heights range from 30cm (1 foot) to 100 cm (3 feet).  Many are tolerant of very heavy wet soils. They associate well with other familiar plants such as Astilbe and Hosta.

Harlow Carr Hybrids are selections which have been in cultivation for a very long time.  The colours are pastel and beautiful; plants supplied may vary compared with those illustrated here but we are certain you will not be disappointed. These hybrids flower in May into June.

All plants supplied are of flowering size and posted bare-root, without compost or pot.


£24.95 *

Alpine collection #1

Product no.: 581

European hybrid alpines - Alpine primulas give enormous delight. They are the earliest primula group often flowering from January. February and March is the main flowering period. European hybrid primulas flower at about 10 to 15 cm (4 to 6 inches). Most need cold glasshouse or cold frame culture.

Here we have made a selection for you. Consisting of 9 named varieties. The varieties we will choose have similar colours to those illustrated. Plants supplied bare root and are of flowering size. We simply remove from pot shake off the excess loose compost and they are ready for potting. Each plant comes with a hand written label showing the name of the variety.

£24.95 *
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Bog garden collection # 1

Product no.: 229
Here we offer our selection of 9 primulas suitable for the bog garden. Each will be a named type and labelled accordingly. The colours will be similar to those illustrated in the item image. Plants supplied bare-root and are of mature flowering size.
£19.99 *
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Auricula collection # 4

Product no.: 231

Here we have made a selection for you. Consisting of 2 double, 2 show and 5 alpine varieties. The varieties we will choose are named and have similar colour to those illustrated.
This makes a great birthday gift for a close friend or relative.
Plants supplied bare root and are of flowering size.

£24.95 *
In stock

Candelabra collection (Primula japonica) 8 distinct varieties

Product no.: 283

Here I offer a collection of 8 varieties of the world famous Primula japonica. Plants supplied are of mature flowering size and will flower next season. Plants are supplied without compost to reduce weight thus saving postage cost.

£19.95 *
In stock
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